The Wilderness

Negro Slave Auction - Atlanta

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Here is another one of mine.


A casual glance would show a list of business that you might find in any city in the country at the time. To the far left of this image was “Gilbert’s Jewelry Store” (only “LBERT” can be made out in the image). To the right was F. Geutebruck who dealt Cuban and American tobacco...

Cook Awards for Authentic, Period, Recreated and History for Jan. 1 thru 15, 2019

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The Food Forum at Civil War Talk is pleased to announce the Cook Awards for Authentic, Period, Recreated and History for Jan. 1 thru 15, 2019. We had so many wonderful recipes and threads. It was really hard to pick winners.

The winners are:

@Eleanor Rose for...

Trivia Question 1-17-19 Another Poet

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Who wrote this poem, who was it about and who put in the newspaper?
" "There is no patriot like ______, So noble and so true; He fell as a soldier on the field His face to the sky of blue"

credit: @JOHN42768

This Might Be the Most Intriguing Antique I've Found

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Silver morning glory decorated aide memoire from the 19th century.
My sweet friends, @luinrina, @Zella, @FarawayFriend and @NH Civil War Gal got me thinking about Victorian notepads when they posted in a thread I started on...

The Battle of Jenkins' Ferry by Silas C. Turnbo

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(Random illustration from Battles & Leaders. Not Jenkins' Ferry but I thought it would go well with the article.)

The following is Silas Claiborne "Claib" Turnbo's account of the battle of Jenkins' Ferry, Ark., April 30, 1864. At 18 years old, Turnbo enlisted as a private in Co. A, 27th...

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