Brass Napoleon Award Hoop Skirts: A Smuggler's Dream

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JPK Huson 1863

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Feb 14, 2012
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So sorry, Belle, missed this article until now! Was looking for something else and finally saw it. Eveline Pigott! There's a name we should bring up again. I'm not interested in who was Northern or Southern- women in the war did some astonishing things. It took some courage to be Pigott- we'd shown our willingness to incarcerate women on both sides.


Jun 10, 2011
This is from the diary of Belle Edmondson, an 18 year old girl living in Shelby County, Tennessee. She smuggled goods out of Union occupied Memphis:

March Wednesday 16, 1864
Went up Street directly after Breakfast to finish a little job I forgot on yesterday. At one o'clock Mrs Facklen, Mrs Kirk, and I began to fix my articles for smuggling, we made a balmoral of the Grey cloth for uniform, pin'd the Hats to the inside of my hoops - tied the boots with a strong list, letting them fall directly in front, the cloth having monopolized the back & the Hats at the side - All my letters, brass buttons, money, &c in my bosom - left at 2 o'clock to meet Anna at Mr Barbier's - started to walk, impossible that - hailed a hack - rather suspicious of it, afraid of small pox, weight of contrabands ruled - jumped in, with orders for a hurried drive... arrived at Pickets, no trouble at all, although I suffered horribly in anticipation of trouble.

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