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Thanks for pasting that price list in the thread. Things went off the track fast, sadly.
Status Migrainus. At least the light flashes are a pretty cobalt blue.
All the best and I hope you are better today!
I shared your fate this morning but triptane worked its usual wonders - the doctor who found out about triptane and its effect on migraines should definitely be awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine!
Likes: Mrs. V
ErnieMac, I want to update you and the Forum that I have discovered the real story about my Confederate great uncle's, Pvt. John Calvin Hawkins' so called firing squad execution in Izard County, AR in December 1863. Union Col. William Monks concocted the story in his book "A History of Southern and Northern Arkansas" to cover up that Monks himself captured and murdered John Calvin Hawkins.
I am a very luck guy, l located the M & M #642 Hall Variant for my bullet mold. The rarity of this particular bullet is extreme. Thanks to a very nice dealer that happen to have one of these rare bullets l am so happy, now l have a bullet that my brass mold casts. Which once l get the bullet which is costly at least for me, l am going to list it on eBay. Thanks to the nice members that wished me luck.
Shazzbat! They did it again! Somebody in Bangladesh put an unauthorized $1 charge on my credit card. Bank noticed it, & is cancelling my card. Glad they did before it was a $100 charge! But, now I'm without plastic for a week or more, 'til they send me a new one. And I've got bills due! ... Gotta go write some checks.
We had the same here!! Someone tried to charge my significant other's credit card with $25 three times. Card was cancelled but it was the same here, there were bills to pay. Thankfully it did only take them three days to send the new card. I know of some other abuses, too. Is it just me or is there an increase in credit card abuse lately?
If the sharps rifle is still available, I am interested. I would need details on condition and pictures, which you can send to
I will send you an email with pictures. I do have one other interested party that’s l sent pictures to as well.

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